Shohar ki mohabbat


Marriage relation is known as the best pious relation in this world that is proof of the connection of the two hearts that are strongly bind with each other. Connection of hearts is a natural thing that is happens automatically with desired person. Love and care desires are the basic need for each relation and if these desires do not fulfill then this relation can break. Shohar ki mohabbat is one of the best Muslim technique in for wives who are troubled with their husband‘s activities like if your husband do kill-maul and intimidation with you. Use of this service will make your husband a kind hearted and a good human being.

Shohar ko kabu me karne ka tarika  

Shohar ko kabu me karne ka tarika is the wonderful technique to bring wrong-minded husband’s on correct path. Some astray husband does bad-mouthing with their wives and do not respect her that is the crime in each religion. Respect of women is respect of Allah and if your husband does not does this then apply this technique to teach him a lesson. After considering this technique your husband would be in your control.

Shohar ki khidmat

Accomplishment of her duties for husband and family is a right thing but like a valet if you are doing service of your husband then it is not right thing with you. In marriage relation no one is trivial, both has equal priorities and importance. If you think that your husband is well behaved and you should do his service then it is not a correct thought. If your husband force you to be like a valet then shohar ki khidmat technique shows you right path and able you to take right decisions.

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